Dinton Farm free range eggs are harvested every day, then pack and dispatch them within 48 hours, so they're as fresh as they can be! You can tell they're rather special as soon as you open the box...Their shells are strong, smooth and brown and when you crack them open, the yolks are large and a glorious golden orange. Both White & Brown shelled eggs available.

These are very special eggs from very contented hens. You'll taste the difference and you'll never want an ordinary eggs again!! Our eggs will help your Yorkshire puddings to rise,  they're simply delicious on their own … and make your baking even more rewarding.

Treat yourself to a Dinton Farm egg with soldiers. What could be simpler or more delicious? And when you use our eggs for cooking you'll be rewarded with rich golden yolks and light fluffy whites that will make all the difference to both your sweet and savoury dishes.